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A 1950s 7mm scale narrow gauge seaside tramway by Roger Elkin.


Owner: Roger Elkin

Scale/gauge: 7mm/1ft scale 16.5mm narrow gauge (0-16.5)


Description: Elkington-on-Sea represents a typical British seaside resort in the 1950's where, like Blackpool, the old trams still carry holidaymakers to the pier. The trams are based on the Bachmann American streetcars, adapted to turn them into British-style trams. The trams have constant interior lighting powered from the overhead wires. The 16.5 mm gauge track is hand-built with copper-clad sleepers and embossed card for the cobblestones. The buildings are largely scratch-built from card, foamboard and plasticard, and have interior detail. The scenic features include working illuminations, the life-boat and life-boat station, hotel, café, theatre, amusement arcade, pier, and donkeys and a Punch and Judy show on the promenade.

Size of layout: 7ft long x 1ft 3ins deep

Please note that this layout is no longer available for exhibitions