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An N gauge layout by Brian Kennaby using vintage Lone Star equipment


Owner: Brian Kennaby

Scale/gauge: N gauge (Lone Star)


Description: This layout was built using Lone Star track, signal boxes, signals, telegraph poles, stations and fencing, all are original parts. The layout depicts a fictitious railway based somewhere in North Staffordshire. The Lone Star sets were last made in the 1960s at the factory in Green Lanes, Palmers Green, North London. There are three locomotives with this layout and some carriages and trucks, which are all originals. The locomotives are driven by four rubber bands from the ends of the motor shafts to the wheels, so four axle drive was obtained without the use of any gears.

Size of layout: 4ft long x 2ft 6ins deep

Floor area required: 5ft x 5ft (operated from the back)

Power requirements: 1 x 13 amp socket

Furniture requirements: Layout has own trestles, but 2 chairs required for operators

No. of operators: 2

Transport requirements: 1 car