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An early BR period LNER/LMS 0 gauge terminus station layout by Alan May, Fred Moody and Keith Allen


Owners: Alan May, Fred Moody & Keith Allen

Scale/gauge: 7mm/1ft scale 0 gauge standard gauge


Description: Sunnynead is a fictitious terminus station at the end of a single track branch line somewhere in eastern England, served by Eastern and Midland Region trains. The period is the 1950s, which enables a wide variety of locos and stock to be used, ranging from ones still in LNER & LMS liveries through to early green diesels.The passenger station is large enough to handle excursion trains as well as local traffic. There are also facilities for parcels and goods trains.

Size of layout: 28ft long x 2ft 6ins deep

Please note that this layout is no longer available for exhibtions.