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Re-worked Club Layout Page.

The Club has 2 operational layouts which can be run on Club nights and are available for exhibitions. Please click on "EXHIBITION LAYOUTS" for more information.


This layout represents an industrial estate railway somewhere in the middle of England. Stock in use is a variety of members' stock. We assume that some of it belongs to the industrial company, but there are either running rights from a mainline company or it is on lease. The buildings have deliberately been 'designed' to be a varied mixture, as if the estate grew bit by bit. A central feature is the brewery and the layout has its own fleet of specially-made beer vans. The layout has been in use since 2003 and has made successful appearances at various exhibitions in the London and home counties area, including the 2011 Festival of Railway Modelling at Alexandra Palace.

"Chasebury" at the 2011 Alexandra Palace Exhibition


Set in the early 1950's, Grove Park comprises a suburban BR station alongside a separate London Underground station. Both are through stations. The area is slowly recovering, and the lack of maintenance over the war years is still evident. Some shunting on the goods side takes place from time to time; the wagons are usually shunted to and from the factory siding. Grove Park was originally built and exhibited by Weston Railway Modellers. It was featured in the September 1991 edition of "Railway Modeller". It was purchased by a member of the Enfield Town MRC who subsequently donated to the Club. Due to its age, some refurbishment and repair work has been necessary, but the layout has now been returned to its former condition and is available for the exhibition circuit once again. The Club has also several layouts under construction and work on these is regularly carried out on Club nights.


The layout is set in Eastern / North London in the early 1950s. The plan comprises a goods yard below, and a passenger line above. The high level line is a single track British Railways terminus with a single London Transport electrified line in an adjacent platform. The centre platform is shared between BR and LT allowing exchange between the two systems. The lower goods yard has a Midland interchange (off baseboard) and features coal as well as general merchandise. Track laying is complete, and wiring has been installed and is now being tested. A good start has been made with the scenery and buildings.


A 00 gauge, continuous run, double track layout, the track is laid in a "dog-bone" shape. The station has a passing loop on one line, and a small goods yard that can be shunted without interfering with running on the main lines. The layout is designed for both for testing members' locos and stock on club nights and also entertaining the public at exhibitions. The layout made a successful exhibition debut at the club's show in 2011, and is now available for regular running.


The club's latest project is a larger 00 layout which will include a station with off-set platforms, one of which is double sided giving access to a branch line. There will also be a goods / exchange yard feeding a small industrial facility. Installation of track on the fiddle yard boards is currently making good progress.