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CHASEBURYout more about the Club's layouts.



The Club has one operational layout, Chasebury, which can be run on Club nights and is available for exhibitions. Please click on "EXHIBITION LAYOUTS" for more information. We are currently working on two other layouts, in 00 and EM gauges.



This layout represents an industrial estate railway somewhere in the middle of England. Stock in use is a variety of members' stock. We assume that some of it belongs to the industrial company, but there are either running rights from a mainline company or it is on lease. The buildings have deliberately been 'designed' to be a varied mixture, as if the estate grew bit by bit. A central feature is the brewery and the layout has its own fleet of specially-made beer vans.

The layout has been in use since 2003 and has made successful appearances at various exhibitions in the London and home counties area, including the 2011 Festival of Railway Modelling at Alexandra Palace.


"Chasebury" at the 2011 Alexandra Palace Exhibition



ThIs layout is set in East / North London in the early 1950s. The plan comprises a goods yard below, and a passenger line above. The high level line is a single track British Railways terminus which will also allow LT trains. The lower goods yard has a Midland interchange (off baseboard) and features coal as well as general merchandise. Track laying is under way following changes to make the layout more portable.

The current situation (as at September 2019) is that a major modification is in hand to make the layout easier to handle and operate while keeping all the features we wanted to include.




The club's latest project is a small 00 gauge layout which will be easy to handle and set up. As at September 2019, the plans have been finalised and lightweight baseboards made. Tracklaying has started.